Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wild weather.

(Pre-SEVERE WEATHER warning. The calm before the storm)

The concert was so much fun.... but we almost got blown away/sucked up in a tornado/rained out while we were there!  The weather had been beautiful all weekend and week and then... SEVERE WEATHER and TORNADO WARNING at 7 PM, which is precisely when the concert was to begin.  Luckily, Brandi Carlile played and THEN the storm started so at least we were able to see her before the downpour and insane thunder and lightening storm hit.

Ms. Carlile was phenomenal, as expected.  It was her 30th birthday!  She came out to sign CDs and, since I have all her albums already, I asked her to sign my ticket.  She was sweet!  And she is tiny!  Like half my size, literally.  Girl crush! 

My sister and I had a wonderful time together during her first (and not last) trip to Boston... and very few 'spats' while spending 5 days straight with each other (we're sisters, remember!).  When I dropped her off at the airport, I missed her already.

Thanks for coming out, KPT!  You are an amazing woman!  Keep up the good work in all that you're doing!  XOXO.

If you have siblings, do you still argue even though you're freaking adults now?  Sometimes, yes.  I'm hard-headed and stubborn, which doesn't help!  But I'm quick to make amends because I hate tension!

Non-Garmin stats: Nike Training Club... Leg Sculptor, Butt Buster, and Ab Definer.  It burns so good.  Get serious.


  1. Having three sisters of all different ages and life experiences means a few spats here and there. I am particularly close to one sister and a mother like figure to another and the sister who is right under me isn't as close to me because over the years our spats have been divisive at times. We're working on our issues but some of them aren't things that go away with a blink of an eye. Oh...sisters. I love them all dearly though and wouldn't know what to do without them. :) Glad you enjoyed the concert and had fun with your sister!


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