Sunday, June 5, 2011

Burn calories. Not carbon.

(Me & my best friend. 4 A.M.)

So I'm on nights this week.  And I'm currently on my 'lunch' break at 3:45 A.M.  Who eats lunch at 3:45 A.M.?  Nurses, of course.   

On Thursday, I did my usual 'bus-to-Harvard-Square-to-Red-Line' commute to get to work.... and what normally takes 30 minutes... took 55-effing minutes due to traffic.  Disgusting.  So I decided to bike to work on Friday.  AND IT TOOK ME 23 MINUTES!  Can you believe it?  Amazing.  I don't think I could even drive to MGH that quickly.  And I arrived feeling invigorated!  The ride home at 7 A.M. after 12 hours in the ER?  Eh.  A little difficult.  But manageable. 

When I told a few coworkers that I biked to work, they were like, 'You know you can drive and park for free on the weekends, right?'  Yes, I do know this.  But I like biking to work (and taking public transit to work... when it isn't bogged down in traffic).  Sure, it's convenient to drive but there are enough cars on the road nowadays... I don't need to add to that problem.  Plus, biking to work makes me feel like I've earned that 2nd 3rd cup of half coffee/half hot chocolate from the hospital coffee shop at 4 A.M.  Deliclious. 

Burn calories.  Not carbon.  (Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?) 

Do you bike or take public transit to work?  With gas prices as high as they are these days, I can't imagine having to drive to work every day.  I'm lucky that Boston has such great public transportation.  And I'm lucky that I live close enough to MGH to bike!


  1. burn calories, not carbon-- I love it!

  2. I would love to bike or walk to work but I just live too far away - and in the countryside where public transport is very limited. But I do car-share which has been great. Over the years I've met some fantastic people through car-share and of course their friends and colleagues along the way. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has to drive to work.

    I love your slogan of "Burn calories, not carbon". I would say that shoudl be a bumper sticker, but kind of defeats the purpose! maybe a bike sticker?


  3. I either walk if it's close enough or take the subway or my husband's motorcycle. I would ride my bike but I get kinda freaked out. There are too many cars and I am kinda a chicken. I ride around in Brooklyn but never go over to Manhattan on the bike.

    Nice job!

  4. Love your slogan! In Hong Kong I walked on took public transport everywhere--driving is pretty rare for anyone who's not beyond rich. I didn't know anyone who had a car! Now, I live in rural Georgia. Such a change, and I miss it. If I walk 10 minutes to the store I have to navigate traffic and there are NO pedestrians!

  5. Love the saying! Now that I work from home my commute is about as "green" as possible. I wake up and walk to my coffee pot. :)

  6. Bus #2. Sometimes bike on Bus #2 and then bike home. Walked to work the other day. It took 1.5 hours, but it was a gorgeous spring morning and totally worth it. I wonder how long it would take to bike to work...


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