Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My thoughts exactly.

Crane Beach. Ipswich, MA.


(by Colleen Michaels)

This beach has a history of habits.
the moon, a constant clock,
has always given rise to tides
wave by wave
the water wakes and sighs
shortens the sand
lengthens a swim.

The wind
has always known
how to nudge
and urge
the sand into action,
setting a dune on
a blade of grass
a foothold for
more wind
tangling the memory of
a pitch pine’s roots.

To be small again,
let morning light illuminate you
wave water cleanse you
the breeze power you
and let your footsteps,
a simple shift
from sole to sand,
fall lighter on this earth.

Find a second life
for all
that you own
bury nothing,
but let it tumble
in a new
and useful way
bring home only what you need,
need less.

Align with the sun, the wind, and the moon
in their difficult work
to erase our footsteps
our surfeit
blend in like the plover
cast a shorter shadow
shift like the dune
adopt an inconvenience
so that we may keep
the sea


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