Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seize something.

(View from my deck)

... Don't let it get away.  It's a beautiful day.

Thanks, Bono.  I hope it's beautiful where you live.  I was up early with Lee, sent him off to work, watched the Bachelorette (Bentley is a $%#%@) and I just finished my Nike Training Club workout on the roof deck of my building.  I feel great.  I hope you do, too.

Do you like to wake up early?  Actually, yes.  It's a little hard to get up at 6 AM after staying up all night the last 4 nights for work... but I love how much I get done when I get up and do stuff!  If I sleep past 8 AM, I feel guilty!  What's up with that??

Non-Garmin stats: Leg Sculptor, Arm Definer, Butt Buster, & Ab Burner.  Aaaaaawesome workout.  I don't really even miss running all that much.  Okay.... that was a lie.  I miss it terribly.  But NTC is helping keep me sane.

(Toe touches with weights. Ouch.)

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  1. Bono does live in a beautiful place (Dalkey, Ireland)! We walked all throughout that village while in Ireland and searched high and low for his house. Apparently we walked right by it (which should tell you something about how nice the neighborhood is!).


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