Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Green Grass.

This is what I did on my lunch break today.  I ate my lunch really fast then headed outside to lay on the grass under a tree near the hospital.  IT IS GORGEOUS OUTSIDE and I needed to spend as much of my 45-minute lunch break as I could soaking up some of the beauty.  Something about laying on sun-warmed grass, looking up at the blue sky is so relaxing.  I hope this weather sticks around awhile (I know things are looking pretty bleak in the South and Midwest... hopefully they get some relief soon). 

And... P.S.  I am pretty sore from yesterday's workout which means it was a SUCCESS!

How is the weather where you are right now?  Gorgeous.  Absolutely gorgeous.  And it's supposed to be wonderful through Memorial Day weekend, which is perfect because I have a VISITOR coming to Boston for her FIRST time!  Can't wait. 


  1. Wow! Those are such great pictures! The weather here has been nice over the last few day, but they are calling for rain tonight and it's supposed to last until Friday. Boo.

  2. The is the perfect lunch break. I think I am having the same weather as you. It is so perfect and I am so excited for this weekend. I think it is going to be just right!


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