Monday, May 9, 2011

10 days.

Ten days seems like a long time.  Big Kitty agrees.  She'll miss Lee a whole bunch (me, too).  Here's to hoping the next ten days just fly right by!  Some things we'll miss while Lee is across the pond...
  • The way he scratches our ear juuuuust right.
  • How he fills our food bowl to the top!
  • The way he whispers sweet nothings to us while we purr.
  • The way he walks in the door and announces... 'Girls! I'm home!!'
Just kidding.  He doesn't really do any of that.  In all seriousness, though... I am sorta sad (okay, a lot sad) about the prospect of 10 whole days without Lee.  But I'll manage (Big Kitty will, too).  And Little Kitty?  Well, Little Kitty doesn't give a cat's ass whether Lee is here or not (or if I'm here, for that matter).  As long as her food bowl is full, she's a happy camper.  She's what we refer to as special.  'Special' as in she stands in front of walls and meows.... all by herself.... in the other room... with no one else around.  There is no other explanation than I think she was dropped on her head as a kitten.   Seriously.  She's mental

Non-Garmin stats:  I wanted to run today.  I WANTED TO RUN SO BAD!  But I need to ease back into running.  You don't go from over 3 weeks of NOT running due to knee pain to running every day IN ONE WEEK.  Duh.  So I did an hour of yoga.  And I will run tomorrow.  I am so smart... SMRT!

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