Thursday, November 11, 2010

She takes after her mother...

(Of course.... she prefers organic!)

I have no idea when this all started but over the years, the Little Kitty (further referred to by her rapper name, L.K.) developed a liking for ice cream.  The weird thing is, she starts getting excited for the ice cream WHEN I PULL IT OUT OF THE FREEZER!!  Like how does she KNOW I'm about to scoop ice cream?  I scoop my ice cream, sit back down on the couch and then she REALLY freaks out.  Incessant meowing, trying to sit on my lap to get to my spoon... I have to keep reminding her to wait her turn.  Let me be clear......I DO NOT SHARE MY SPOON WITH MY CAT WHILE I'M EATING!!  L.K. waits till I am finished and then I let her lick the spoon... which she happily does.

What a weirdo.  This is also the cat that uses her paw to scoop one piece of kibble (dry food) into her water bowl... waits a few seconds... and then fishes it out with the opposite paw.  Kibble and water? Oreos and milk?  I tell you... she's a YouTube sensation waiting to happen.... I'm sitting on a GOLD MINE with this feral beast!!

L.K. in the HIZZY  FO' SHIZZY!!

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