Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am so smart.... S.M.R.T.

Things I have learned this week living in Boston...

1.  The MBTA cannot be trusted (primarily the buses).
2.  All last week I thought the MBTA was trying to bleed me dry $1.50 (bus) and $2.00 (subway) at a time.  Turns out I'm not so quick, to put it nicely.  Three words: Unlimited weekly pass.
3.  I love public transportation but here's the thing.  The bus/subway is going to smell.  It is in the best interest of my stomach and future appetite to not try to distinguish said smells as a gag reflex will most definitely follow.
4.  Bangs are borderline disastrous when working in the E.R.  They are currently plastered to my forehead.  Not cute.
5.  I already knew this, but... I have the best husband in the world.

I made it thru my first day.  I'm exhausted.  I sort of feel like I got my ass kicked.  It's hard being new and learning an entirely new system.  But I'll catch on.  Tomorrow will be better.  Everyone is super nice (so far).  Oh.  And it's payday tomorrow.  Eff ya!

(Dinner, courtesy of my husband. I was so hungry, I ate half THEN took a picture.)

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