Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Lee is gone.  Really far away, actually.  And I'm sad about that.  But he'll be back.  In the meantime, I'm working.  And driving around ALONE in Boston!!

I can park at MGH at night, free of charge.  I thought I'd try it out tonight since I have free reign of the car while Lee is away.  I have to say, though... driving in Boston isn't at all glamorous.  It's stressful!!  I'd much rather take the T and enjoy the scenery while the bus/subway driver maneuvers through these wild streets!

Do you get nervous driving in cities you aren't familiar with? For sure.  When I first moved to LA, I was petrified of driving there.... but I got used to it.  Boston is a different animal, though.  These narrow and winding streets are really difficult to navigate!!


  1. Hey Briana, I couldn't comment on your most recent post so I'm chosing this one to comment on in regards to that one. Have faith, focus on lots of postive things, count all the things that you are thankful for...focus on love and gratitude...yeah, I know this sounds cheesy but stress makes it harder to get invited to this party (if it is the party I'm thinking of). Easier said than done....I know. Praying for you...seriously...I don't just say that unless I'm really praying for you. :)

  2. I hate driving by myself in a big city. Wish I could come to Boston NOW and keep you company. I LOVED your most recent post. You are absolutely amazing!!!

  3. I remember in high school having to drive to Des Moines from my hometown and thinking that the traffic would KILL me if I had to drive it myself. I swore I wouldn't live in DSM because of the traffic (poor little midwestern girl) but I now live in DSM only a mile away from the flippin interstate (which I'm TERRIBLE at driving on) I'm seriously a terrible driver. Traffic makes me panic. Thinking about you!!! Make Lee something special for when he gets home!


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