Monday, March 14, 2011

Uninvited Guest.

(Our little uninvited guest is now residing in a plastic bag. Eff you, deer tick.)

So apparently after you frolick in the outdoors here in Massachusetts you need to check yourself for ticks.  Here's what I learned yesterday about ticks...
  • They are really small.
  • They are really hard to remove from your skin.
  • They look really eff-ing disgusting, especially when you look down and suddenly realize you have one embedded into your leg.
  • After removing one from your skin, you can't help but feel you're covered in creepy-crawly bugs.  Try finding one right before bedtime and then trying to fall asleep.  Um, nightmares?
I guess we'll be investing in some DEET so that we can enjoy the great outdoors without the fear of contracting Lyme disease from these little blood-suckers.  Eeeeew.  I totally wasn't expecting to find that last night before bed.

 (I grabbed him with my tweezermans and I yanked him out. And he held on TIGHT!)

Have you ever found a tick on you or someone else?  Nope.  Never.  I remember learning about ticks in girl scouts and then our leaders making us check each other over after camping trips.. and we'd giggle and goof around as we looked at each other's armpits and hairlines but we never found any.  Now I know what they look like and how hard they are to remove.  Ick.

Garmin stats: 6 miles/47 minutes 30 seconds.  I can't shake that 'off' feeling I'm still having.  Eff this!!


  1. How's this for a story--each year growing up we took a family camping trip. When I was 17 I got to bring a friend because my mom and two of my sisters weren't going. So it was me, my dad, my uncle, my little sister and my friend... Guess who got a tick on their ASS?????? Me. That's who. I was too mortified to let my friend get it off for me and obviously my uncle was out of the question. My sister was an annoying turd bucket then so that was out...which dad. Not cool. I effing HATE ticks.

  2. OMG! Stephanie... your story definitely trumps mine. Your dad is a rock star for doing that!

  3. Eww is right! He's pretty big! Thankfully you noticed him before he really settled in ;)


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