Monday, February 7, 2011

Paying with plastic.

(Haggard after 12 hours in the ER... but now I'm a local! Who wants to place bets on how long it takes me to lose it?!?)

I officially became a Bostonian today.  Yep.  That's right.  I got my Charlie Card!!  But of course I didn't get it until AFTER I bought a $15 unlimited 7-day pass this morning.  There you go, MBTA!  I hope you enjoy that extra $15 bucks!  Buy yourself a latte!

Work was good.  I'm gettin' the hang 'o things.  Here's the thing... sick people are sick people, regardless of what coast you're on, what city they live it, or the color of their skin.  You know what else?  There are bullshit patients that come into the ER here in Boston... just like they did in SLC (and by 'bullshit' I mean patients that have NO BUSINESS coming into the ER for their so-called ailments).  It's frustrating.  It's the nature of healthcare and ER's in this country.  Hopefully it will change someday.  

 (Do you think Natalie eats Cadbury eggs?)

After lunch today, I had about 20 minutes left on my break so I meandered over to the gift shop and bought me a lil sumpin' sumpin' to tide me over.  Good god, I love those eggs

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