Thursday, January 13, 2011


I know it's only been two days but... I reeeeally miss running.  I am completely and utterly addicted to running.  Now for those of you who are reading this (all 2 of you!) you're probably like, "Shut up, stop bragging. You're lying. NO ONE LOVES RUNNING! I hate to run" or something like that but... if you give running a chance, I guarantee you'd love it, too.  It. Is. So. Addictive.  And when I see ads like this Nike one, I feel my heart start to flutter and I want to immediately head out the door and go for a run.  No joke.  I'm sorry if you don't feel the same.   If you are new to running then YES it sucks for the first few weeks while you build up your stamina... but after those torturous few weeks are over, you'll get the hang of it and then you will begin to crave your runs like I do.  Maybe if you're ever in Boston, or I'm where ever you live, I can take you on a run and then maybe you can see running thru my eyes.  It is magical.

There is still too much snow on the sidewalks/everywhere for me to go on a run.  And I don't have a gym membership so no treadmill action for me (and besides... I don't get the same 'high' from running on a treadmill as I do from running outside... mad props to those that do).  So after work today, I begrudgingly put my bike shoes on for the second day in a row and hopped on the trainer.  Blah.  But tonight I put my iPod on instead of watching T.V. (Lee is in our home office doing some work).  I pedaled and pedaled, slowly getting into the ride... and then Zeppelin's 'Ramble On' came on and a flood of memories came over me.  I closed my eyes and I was immediately transported back to the hills above Santa Monica where I spent countless hours trail running, Led Zeppelin as my soundtrack.  Man, I miss those trails.

(If you look closely, you can see a mountain lion. But not really.)

What is something that YOU love to do?  It doesn't have to be physically active... it could be reading!  Or shopping (I get a little fluttery when I go shopping)!  Or getting your nails did!  What gets you going and makes you EXCITED about life?  

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  1. Yayyy! I got excited just reading about running. I get the same addicting, happy feelings from running outside, but I hate the treadmill.


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