Monday, December 20, 2010

In the closet. Out of the closet.

(Ugh... just looking at this has me reaching for the Xanax... WHICH I DO NOT HAVE, I promise.)

(I'm sure you're wondering how I can manage to put an outfit together in this mess!)

Pictured above were my projects for the day.  Project #1 - Empty remaining clothing boxes in bedroom in preparation for bed frame delivery.  Project #2 - CLEAN OUR RIDICULOUSLY UNORGANIZED, CHAOTIC CLOSET... and bring some peace of mind to this clutter-phobe's life.  Seriously.  As I've gotten older, clutter has increasingly caused me anxiety... I just feel annoyed when there are things everywhere so getting this closet under control was priority numero uno for me today.

All of my adult life, my closet has been relatively unorganized.  I'll use one hanger for 3 or 4 different clothing items and then I'll wonder why I never wear a certain shirt... BECAUSE IT'S BEEN BURIED UNDER THREE OTHER SHIRTS AND I'VE COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT!  This was especially a problem when my sister (KPT) and I shared a one-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica, CA.  To say we cumulatively had a lot of clothes is a huge understatement.  Our closet looked like a rack at the Goodwill... seriously because that's where we did the majority of our shopping (you have NO IDEA how amazing the Goodwill is in L.A.).  We kept it as organized and neat as humanly possible but when you have two girls living together who go thru at least 3 outfit changes just to get dressed in the morning, you get a bit of a mess.  Now that I'm married and share a closet with my husband, I've attempted to keep things more in control so as not to encroach on his side of the closet (which I've been known to do).

Before we moved, Lee and I each got rid of quite a bit of clothing... and let me just say, I love that I married a guy who also isn't a 'saver.'  I am notorious for giving something away and then a few months later being like, 'Whoops... shoulda held on to that' whereas my mom and KPT are (how do I say this nicely...) TOTAL PACK-RATS!  But to each their own....

Voila!  Can you believe the improvement?  Let's just hope that Lee and I can keep it looking this way.  About 96.2% of our clothes are in here, save for a box of socks and some summer clothes...oh, and another box of my shoes and belts... but soon we will have a dresser/amoire to help with the organization (this closet is a little too full = a potential major mess).  I will reveal this BEAUTIFUL dresser/amoire in a later post...

If I don't organize my jewelry in a manageable and viewable way I end up wearing the exact same jewelry every single day... which isn't a crisis, of course, but I happen to have a lot of jewelry that I like and I want to make sure each piece makes it into the rotation.  I did a similar system back at our loft in SLC but the sticky pads on the hooks I bought there were pieces of sh*t and didn't stick worth a damn... and my jewelry kept falling as the hooks fell off... so I ended up super gluing them onto the wall inside our closet (I'm resourceful!).  The sticky pads on these hooks seem more durable.. but only time will tell.  

And then our bed frame came and, as part of the delivery fee, the dudes put it together... and I love it.  Now I know there is no head board and the frame is pretty straight-forward and un-fancy... but Lee and I did this intentionally.  There is a bed frame/head board that we loved but we weren't sure we would love it back in our loft in SLC... so we opted for a frame that we like and then later we will get a head board (bought or custom-made) that will work for our vision in our downtown love nest home. 

Remember how I was thumbing my nose at Mother Nature yesterday?  Well, look-y here... we finally have snow.  And it is sticking to the ground.  It's a Christmas miracle!  I thought all the weathermen here were incompetent because they kept talking and talking about snow and it never came... until today.  Let's hope it sticks around for a few days.

Now that all of my jobs are done... I'm going to treat myself to an episode of BostonMed on and a ride on the bike trainer!  I sure know how to have fun!

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