Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Task-y stuff.

(This photo is from this summer. I miss that view.)

My day was boring.  I got things done that have been on my list since we moved.  At the top of my list was getting my car registered in Massachusetts.... which meant a trip to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  Ugh.

The RMV office was small, it was smelly, and it was crowded... which I think is a requirement for any state-run department.  Anyway, I waited around for about an hour, sat next to a guy that chatted my ear off and was oblivious to my signals that I wasn't in the mood for his T.M.I.... and then when they finally called my number, I was done and outta there in 5 minutes.  Geez.

Here's something that I'm pretty proud of... I'm getting way more comfortable driving around Boston.  It's still nerve-wracking but I'm managing.   And I'm starting to get the 'flow' of how people drive around here (like total dicks).  I definitely still need the google map app that is on my phone for directions... because, good god, there are a billion streets in this city.

Confession time.  I'm cleaning.  And I'm watching 'Toddlers & Tiaras.'  This show is atrocious.  I can't believe these parents let their kids do this sh*t.  And the kids are total brats.  Totally insane.  But hey, it's a good show to watch while cleaning house!

Garmin stats: 5.5 miles/47 minutes. So tired. Not into it today.

(Nipple clouds. They were awesome.)

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