Thursday, December 2, 2010


(Red eyes and bags are in this winter season)

We made it to the airport, thru security (Lee had to pull my boots off for me... sort of humiliating but a small sacrifice for fashion) and now we're cozied up in the SkyClub, sippin' on gin and juice (gin and tonic, actually). I look ridiculously exhausted in this picture and I kind of am. I'm just ready to be settled in our new place... but that is a ways off. We'll be living out of suitcases for the next week or so while we await the arrival of our stuff. In the meantime, we need to get a bed, flatware, dinnerware, FOOD, and a bunch of other stuff. Slowly but surely, we'll get our place up and running.

And I can't wait for that.

We get our keys to our new apartment tomorrow!

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