Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reward for good behavior.

I got a lot done today. A LOT!  This is what our dining/who-knows-what room currently looks like which is a huge improvement over yesterday.  So I have to be honest... there are some boxes that have just been moved to new locations pending a decision on where to put the things inside of them but most of it is Lee's 'gear' for various activities he enjoys and I need his final approval for where he'd like that gear to live.  The kitchen was the hardest room to unpack because every little thing was wrapped and double-wrapped in packing paper, which took time to unwrap and THEN you're stuck with all this packing paper and, of course, our recycle bins are currently over-stuffed so now all of that packing paper is currently living in our guest bedroom until the recycle bins empty out (I'd post a pic but I'm too embarrassed at the shear size of the pile!)

After all the unpacking work I did, I decided I deserved to treat myself to something... so I took myself on a coffee date.  I even got all dolled up for my date with myself!  So fun.  And now that ALL of my clothes have arrived from Utah, I have plenty of options for outfits.  I sort of got in a rut while living in Utah when it came to putting outfits together because I kind of forgot about a lot of my clothes.  This shirt/dress, for instance, hasn't seen the light of day since I moved from L.A. to S.L.C. over a year ago!  It's a damn shame, too, because it's super cute.  Add leggings and boots and you've got a weather-appropriate outfit (plus a coat, of course).

I enjoyed a nice cup of dark roast coffee with a small bowl of lentil soup and multi-grain bread.  'Twas delicious.  And now that our french press has emerged from the moving boxes, we can make coffee at home (YES!)... so I bought some french roast coffee... pre-ground as opposed to whole bean, which is unfortunate but we left our old grinder back in Utah and have yet to buy another one here.  It is on the list for this weekend, though.

As I was sitting in the coffee shop, I noticed a small produce shop across the street.  After my coffee and soup I decided to go check it out and..... O.M.G.  It is produce heaven in there!  All of the fruit and vegetables looked fresh and ripe and delicious.  I loaded up my basket with apples (4) and clementines (6) and carrots (bunch) and an onion and garlic and celery (bunch) and potatoes (4).... when I went up to the register, I totally thought it was going to cost me a fortune because the store is so tiny and it's a family-run business... but my total was ONLY TEN DOLLARS!!  I couldn't believe it.  There is NO WAY I could've gotten all of that at Whole Paycheck Foods for $10.  BUT.... they only take cash... and of course (and as Lee will attest to) I NEVER have cash so I ran to the ATM a few stores down and then returned to get my goods.  I was raving to the clerk about how awesome the store is and that I just moved here and I am so excited that this little produce market exists and that it is so close to my house (I'm TMI sometimes with complete strangers... it embarrasses Lee) and the owner was stocking some produce and overheard me and gave me a Japanese pear as a 'welcome to the neighborhood' gift!  I could die!  My neighborhood just got ten times cooler. 

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