Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ready for some normalacy...

We're back at the hotel after a looooooong day of running around.  We woke up, had breakfast, then did a workout in the hotel gym which is surprisingly nice.  After all of that, we headed out on our shopping trip to get things for our new apartment.  Today's goals were the following: dishware, flatware, mattress.  Our list is muuuuuch longer than that but I figured if we accomplished that, we could call today successful.

So you may be wondering why newlyweds would need flatware and dinnerware because, hey, don't you get that stuff when you get married?  You're right, usually you DO get that stuff when you get married but Lee and I weren't the conventional bride and groom.  We decided to make our wedding a NO GIFT wedding and, as much as our family and friends protested, we held them to that policy.  We just wanted our friends and family to come to our wedding and enjoy themselves and not worry about giving us gifts.  It's become so customary these days for weddings (and birthdays and holidays) to become more about the gift-giving and less about the event at hand... we wanted to emphasize to our guests the monumental step we were taking in our lives and not go with the customary 'I'm-going-to-a-wedding-so-I-have-to-bring-a-gift' mentality.  Plus most of our friends and family came from afar and we didn't want them carting gifts halfway across the country.

We did a lot of online research and finally settled on dinnerware and flatware from Pottery Barn.  We liked the modern simplicity of the ones we chose and we also liked that Pottery Barn carries those styles all the time so if we lose/break/crack/smash-it-against-the-wall, we can easily replace them.  We also managed to get an awesome down comforter, a super firm mattress (as per Lee's requirements), some latex pillows (swear to god, they're latex), and a beautiful standing mirror.  And they all managed to fit in our rental Prius... backseats down, of course.

So get this.  Last week we ordered a Dyson vacuum cleaner online and had it shipped to our new place in Boston.  It was scheduled to arrive sometime either yesterday or this upcoming Monday... no big deal.  Well... since our apartment is in a BRAND NEW BUILDING, I don't think the delivery dudes know how to get in to deliver things to the door of the recipient.  Sooooo... what does our UPS guy do?!?  HE LEAVES OUR DYSON VACUUM OUT BY THE ENTRANCE TO THE FRONT DOOR WHERE ANYONE AND THEIR DOG HAD ACCESS TO IT!!!  OMG.... can you believe that?  Dyson's aren't cheap.  But I guess this just shows us how honest our neighbors are because you know what??  The Dyson was literally IN a Dyson box... not a shipping box so it was obvious what was being delivered.  Seriously UPS... you almost made a very spendy mistake! 

We have another day of errands in front of us tomorrow plus we'll be awaiting the delivery of our new mattress and will be spending our FIRST NIGHT IN OUR NEW APARTMENT!  So exciting.  Word on the street is that the Jetta will be delivered on Wednesday (so quick!) and hopefully our stuff isn't too far behind.  I am already over the clothes that I brought with me and am looking forward to the arrival of the rest of my wardrobe.  If it doesn't get here soon... you may find me wandering Newbury Street early next week!


  1. I am so excited to for you and keep "stocking" your blog!! I might have to stop because I know more about what you are doing and I have not updated mine!! (AND I am getting pretty jealous of your move and wishing it was our turn!!) I WISH you the VERY best!!


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