Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Everything in it's right place.

(I may or may not have stopped to pee in those trees over there.)

I went on a phenomenal run this morning... it was one of those runs where I'm just going along, enjoying the scenery, listening to my teeny-bopper music (today was Rhianna) and all of a sudden I'm at like 6 miles and I feel like I could keep going forever.  I love it when that happens... because, let me just say, it DOES NOT happen every day.  I'm going to let you in on a little secret and it's taken me a while to realize this (like more than 10 years... I'm a slow learner) but I've finally come to the understanding that I WILL NEVER REGRET GETTING MY BUTT OFF THE COUCH TO GO FOR A RUN!  There are days when I will make EVERY excuse in the book... it's too cold/it's too hot/it's too sunny/it's too cloudy/I'm tired/I just ate/I'm a wuss today/my hair looks too cute to get all sweaty... seriously, I have a plethora of reasons why I should NOT run... and usually they aren't very good reasons... it just all boils down to me feeling lazy or not in the mood or whatever.  I've found, though, if I just get myself out the door and get a few miles under my belt... I'm more than likely to finish the run I set out to do.  If, after a few miles, I still don't feel great about being out there, then I'll turn around and head home... glad that I put forth the effort (that rarely happens, though).  At the end of the day, I will never regret doing a workout (run, weights, bike, gym).  I also find that when I get a run/workout in first thing in the morning, I am more likely to make healthy food choices for the rest of the day (i.e. I am less likely to plow thru an entire bag of Kettle chips, which I've definitely been known to do).  Moderation is key, folks!

The moral of this story is this: Make your health a priority.  Make exercise a priority.  Make taking care of yourself a priority.  When you're old, you'll be glad you did (trust me, I see the peeps who DID NOT take care of themselves when they were younger and it does not end well for them, if you know what I mean).

(Yes, I did go out the door in these and yes, people did stare.)

Garmin stats: 7 miles/54 minutes. Chestnut Hill Reservoir, 3 laps around. Snowy & WONDERFUL!

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  1. I am SO glad you had such an amazing workout and it is so true that you will never REGRET a workout! Your tootsie roll story made my day!


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