Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I wanna rock with you.... all night.

Today's run was brought to you by Michael Jackson and his fabulous repertoire of hits.  Seriously.  As weird as that guy was... he sure made some great music.  While in Napa for Pre-TG, we watched 'This Is It' in my dad's epic media room.  Holy sh*t.  That movie is amazing.  People can say what they want about Michael's personal life but no one can deny his talent.  At 50 years old, he was still singing and dancing and keeping up with his back-up dancers who were half his age.  Pretty phenomenal performer, that's for sure.  He died too young but now he's out of the scrutinizing eye of the media.  And hopefully he's at peace.

My Garmin totally eff'ed me today and stopped recording my run 4 miles in to my 8.6 mile run.  Luckily I had Google Maps pedometer to trace my route after the fact so I could get my final mileage count.  Damn technology!

1 comment:

  1. :) I love Michael. Remember when we made him a birthday card?


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