Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eating out. Three meals a day.

(An Arnold-Palmer and my sustainable straw.)

(Oatmeal Stout on the nitrogen tap. So goddamn good. 'Scuse the language.)

It's funny when you don't have anything to eat in your kitchen but rock-solid brown sugar and old rice.. you kind of have to go out to eat for all meals.  Generally Lee and I only eat out maybe once or (if it's a special occasion) twice a week as we both like to cook and we usually eat healthier when cooking at home.  This week has been an exception, however.  I haven't been to the grocery store in over a week... usually I go at least twice a week.  We've been attempting to eat everything that is edible in our cupboard and we were moderately successful.  We still have instant oatmeal (Lee hates oatmeal... I LOVE it), some corn meal, a bit of wheat flour, and a can of black beans which does not a meal make.  For lunch yesterday I persuaded Lee to go to one of my favorite places to eat in Salt Lake City.... SQUATTERS!!

I love Squatters.  Their food is good but mostly I love the beer.  I also love this place for a more sentimental reason.... Lee and I had our wedding reception in the back room called the 'Potting Shed' and it was awesome.  What better way to end a wedding ceremony than to go to a pub and have pitchers of beer on the guest tables?  High-class, right?  No seriously, it was a really cool and hip event (maybe my family/friends disagree but screw them!).

You know what else I love about Squatters?  Their commitment to running a great company, brewing great beer and being a sustainable member of our community!  They use locally grown and locally made products whenever possible... they DO NOT USE PLASTIC STRAWS OR PLASTIC ANYTHING, rather they use plant-based alternatives (see straw picture above).  I just love that, like myself, they are committed to making our world a healthier, more sustainable place... and we need more businesses like them.  That's why I don't feel too badly about having eaten at Squatters THREE TIMES in the past week because I believe in supporting people that are like-minded with my money.  Plus they have a really amazing oatmeal stout on the nitrogen tap right now = smooth, creamy, delicious beer.

Enough procrastinating.  It's cold.  I'm delaying the inevitable which is getting my ass out the door on a run.  Later today?  CAR PICK-UP FOR SHIPMENT!

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