Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hey crazy eyes!

Wow! Talk about looking deranged! Obviously I'm stoked to be on the plane (hopefully without cockroaches this time) and happy to be enroute to my cats, my J-Wow, and my fav bakery, Carlucci's.

So, of course, this being my FIRST time going to Logan Int'l Airport via the train... there HAD to be a problem! Once the green line went underground, the train stopped, smoke could be seen and smelled (not good) and the driver came on the loudspeaker and said (imagine a THICK Boston accent), 'There's a fire on the tracks so we're going to sit here till it goes out.' Brilliant... and how long might that take? After about 10 min of just sitting there, the lady puts on this reflective jacket, grabs a huge fire extinguisher, and heads out to put the fire out herself. And then we were on our way. What a bad-ass. And I was still totally on-time for my flight.

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