Monday, November 8, 2010

nifty thrifty.

So today was a fun.  Kristen, Jaimie, and I went on an adventure to the Deseret Industries (a.k.a. D.I.) for some fabulous thrift shopping!  We'd heard rumors that the D.I. on 4500 South is THE BEST so we decided to take a look for ourselves.  O.....M.....G.  It was amazing.  This sweet coat/bath robe/smoking jacket DID NOT make it into my final purchase but if I ever wanted to be Hugh Hefner for Halloween I FOR SURE would have bought it.  I mean, check out the sweet red piping on the belt!  Just put a hot platinum blonde with big fake hoo-haws on my arm and call me 'Hef!'


There is this amazing chambray shirt that I have been coveting on and it's SIXTY-EIGHT FREAKING DOLLARS... this one from D.I.?  $4.00.....  F-O-U-R. D-O-L-L-A-R-S. Total bargin. And I am no longer coveting that other over-priced one.

 I found TONS of sparkly sweaters (my fav).  They will be so cute with skinny jeans or leggings or JEGGINGS!  This one has a strong 80's vibe but after cutting out the shoulder pads and pairing it with skinny jeans and cute heels, I retro-ed it out and it looked pretty cute (in my humble opinion).  And for FOUR DOLLARS how can you go wrong?? 

 (A little 80's vibe never hurt anyone!)

Next.... ANOTHER SPARKLY SWEATER!  Oh man, I love this one.  It's a little court jester-ish but with black leggings and my sweet Frye Jane cuff boots and a cropped jacket, it'll be a winner.  

 (Shoulder pads removed = INSTANTLY COOLER!)

 What could be next??  ANOTHER SPARKLY SWEATER...well, really it's a sparkly red turtleneck.  And look!  Big Kitty approves!

I love me some good deals and the D.I. is full of 'em.  You've gotta do some digging but the digging is well worth it.  My sister, Kristen, got an AMAZING rabbit fur coat in seriously mint-ass condition.  NO joke.  It is beautiful and (although I found it first!) she is going to look fabulous in it.  Oh and it was only $15 dollars.  And that, my friends, is SPENDY for the D.I.

 (My 'grandpa sweater.' Every girl should own one.)

To my fellow Utahns....keep bringing in your clothing gems!!  Among the tacky Christmas sweaters and ratty t-shirts, some really sweet finds can be found!

P.S.  Remember in elementary school when it was a TOTAL diss to say, 'Where'd you get your clothes?  The D.I.????  HahahahahHAaHaahahahahHa'.  Now... I take it as a compliment. :-)

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