Monday, November 15, 2010

Just call me Betty Crocker.

I've been on a bit of a cooking spree lately and I love it when this happens.  It's so nice to be inspired to cook good food and it's also great for the leftovers.  When I met Lee, he was buying granola in the bulk section at Whole Foods.  They have great granola but, man, was it expensive!  And, not to mention, full of sugar and other stuff to help preserve it.  I subscribe to Real Simple magazine (LOVE!) and they had an easy 5-minute granola recipe that I tried out and absolutely LOVED!  I modified mine a bit... I don't add the pepitas and I use olive oil instead of canola and I add cinnamon....lots and LOTS of cinnamon... oh, and I add either flax or chia seeds for some omega-3 goodness.... oh, and I double the recipe so I can make it less often (we eat A LOT of granola around here). 

It's nice making things from scratch because then you know exactly what is in it.  I'm sure the amount of sodium and preservatives in canned chicken noodle soup would send my heart rate and blood pressure into a tizzy.  Plus, it doesn't taste nearly as good as the homemade stuff. 

On another was awesome.  Got a run in this morning and my legs are feeling GREAT!  Then, my dear friend, Jaimie and I did a bit of shopping at the G-Dub (read: Gateway) and saw a matinee.  We saw The Social Network and gave it two thumbs up.  It's amazing how a guy from Harvard created something that is now so ingrained in our daily lives.  I mean, ask yourself (honestly...) when was the last time you went an ENTIRE day without checking facebook?!  For me... when I'm out of the country (i.e. in Canada at my in-laws or on vacation abroad) is probably the only time I don't check facebook on a daily basis.  It sure doesn't help that I constantly have facebook at my fingertips on my blackberry, either.  When did we become so obsessed connected?  I've thought about deleting my account or at least weeding through and deleting some of my 500+ friends... but, I'll admit, I don't think I could do it.  One of my good friends deleted her account and was back on two weeks later.  Voyeurism is addictive!  And that, my friends, is all facebook is!

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