Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blustery day in the hundred acre woods.

This morning Jaimie and I ventured out on a hiking adventure up the service road behind Ensign Peak.  It was cold and windy and muddy and cloudy and PERFECT!  The trails would've been too muddy but this gravel road was totally manageable.  We saw a random dog... thought he was lost... were in the process of calling the # on his collar.... and then his owner showed up.... fortunately!  All-in-all... it was a great morning.

Tonight is my second-to-last shift at the University Hospital and then I will be unemployed until January 10th, 2011... that's when I start at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in downtown Boston!!  I have to say... and no offense to y'all that work at the U hospital... I'm not all that sad about leaving.  Don't get me wrong, the U hospital is a great hospital and a great place to work... it's just not as bittersweet as leaving Cedars-Sinai was for me.  Of course I've made friends there that I will miss but I just don't have that tear-jerk reaction when I think about not working at the U hospital anymore.  I think it's because the nurses at Cedars-Sinai helped shape who I am as a nurse as it was my first job after nursing school.  I remember BAWLING MY EYES OUT as I was driving home after my last night shift at Cedars-Sinai... and, for the next few days, continuing to get weepy every time I thought about my crew of friends there (I still miss them, in fact). 

Maybe it's also because I know eventually Lee and I will move back to Utah and I will most likely work at the University hospital again and I'm sure most of the friends that I have made will still be working there. 

And who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself with a few tears Thursday morning as I punch out for the last time at the U.... but don't bet on it!

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