Friday, November 12, 2010

good news!

(400 South and Main Street. SLC, Utah)

Here is why today was great.  

1.  I DEEP-CLEANED our loft... which means... NO SATURDAY JOBS!
2.  We have a 'move date.'  Movers are coming Nov. 30th... we fly out Dec 2nd! 
3.  My Massachusetts nursing license FINALLY came through!
4.  Lee comes home from Portugal TONIGHT! 
5.  Last but certainly not least.....  I GOT THE JOB IN THE E.R. AT MASS GENERAL!!! 

I can't believe it!  Things are falling into place and we're actually MOVING to Boston in less than one month.  Oh SNAP!!



  1. Guess what? We'll only be about 2 hrs away by train. :)

  2. WHAT?!? Where are you moving and when??

  3. YEAH!!! SO excited that you got the job!!


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