Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 was amazing...

(Happy New Year!)

...and I have a feeling that 2010 will be even better. A reflection on all that occurred in '09....
January - I turned 30. And I turned 30 in South Africa while hiking the Cape of Good Hope. It's a birthday I'll never forget.
March - Lee asked me to marry him... or as he likes to say, we 'agreed to get married.' Such a romantic. ;-)
April - I ran my first 'Ultra', which was on a 6 mile looped trail in Moab. I ran approximately 42 miles... which, at the time, was the farthest I'd ever run.
June - I ran another 'Ultra', this time in Wyoming... and did 50 miles... all in preparation for the big kahuna in Sept.
July - I said goodbye to 7 years of living in Santa Monica and I left a wonderful job with wonderful co-workers who I still miss. :-( ....but I was moving back home... back to Utah!
August - I started my new job at the University of Utah Hospital. Pretty massive pay cut but I can't complain about the perks... like a 15 minute commute and being able to wake up next to Lee everyday. And, of course, living in one of the most beautiful cities in the country!
September - Ugh. The Wasatch 100-mile Endurance Race. It was hot. It was windy. It was miserable. I made it 53.1 miles.... from Farmington to Lambs Canyon and then I was done. Someday I'll be crazy enough to do that race again. Just not this year. Or the year after that.
October - MARRIED! The happiest day of my life thus far. Seeing Lee's family meet my family was so wonderful... and they all got along superbly.
November/December - Our first holiday season as a newly married couple... Lee and I aren't much of 'holiday' celebrators... but we did manage to spend time in Napa with my dad for Thanksgiving and then we spent Christmas with my Grandma, my sisters and brother in Happy Valley,, I mean Provo. 

And then we rang in the New Year.
Some things to come in 2010:
- More traveling, of course.
- Another Ultra trail run... this time the race STOPS at 51 miles.
- A few endurance bike races... mostly raced by Lee but I'm toying with the idea of joining him but for an 8-hour race... I'm not crazy enough to mountain bike for 24 hours!
- More adventures in the kitchen and home-cooked everything that I dare try.... my repertoire of recipes is growing!

And my theme for this year....

Let loose of what you can't control.  Serenity will be yours.


  1. I'd say your families got along superbly...just ask Kristen. :) I'm glad it was such a great year for you. Happy 2010.

  2. What a great year! Happy 2010 and keep in touch!


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