Monday, May 25, 2009

It's good to be back.

(March 15th, 2009. Santa Monica Pier.)

This photo was taken right after Lee asked me to marry him. The last few months have been truly wonderful. I am so in love with Lee and can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together.
The wedding planning is going smoothly and is almost done. We've decided to have a small, intimate wedding this October at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City. It's so cute to see Lee actively involved in the planning and we've agreed on pretty much everything. We're having a very non-traditional (by society's standards), but unique wedding that will reflect our relationship and our love for each other. It's funny how 'socitey' has created this idea of what a wedding has to have such as a diamond ring, bridesmaids, color themes, bachelorettes, bridal showers.... ours won't have any of that but it will still be one of the most special days of our lives.

I am counting down the days until October. I am so excited about life and Lee and the future and being married and creating a life together and having kids someday... and... and... the list goes on forever. I plan on actively blogging again now that things have settled down a bit. For a few months I was so uncertain about my relationship and my future with Lee that I didn't feel like blogging about my life... it was weird. I wasn't depressed but thinking about us not being together or not wanting the same things for the future made my stomach churn and I didn't feel like rehashing it in a blog. Now that things have turned around, it's different. I feel like SINGING and SHOUTING from the mountaintops!
I have so much to write about.... my 43-mile race that I ran in Moab in March, my 30th birthday trip to South Africa, my upcoming move (to Utah!!), my upcoming races (the Wasatch Back, the 24-Hours of Laramie, and...gulp....the Wasatch 100) and so much more. I intend to be a blogger once again!


  1. So, we can't throw you a shower? I was kinda looking forward to buying you some body chocolate :).

  2. I'm so happy for you! Red Butte is amazing (that's where we had our reception). You couldn't ask for a better venue with a more beautiful backdrop. Also, congrats on your move back to Utah. Hopefully I'll see you around!


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