Saturday, December 27, 2014


Scenes from the 25th.

Tonight marks the first shift on my own and without a preceptor after the month-long process of attending orientations, sitting in classrooms and recertifying all of things that had expired during my three-year hiatus from being a nurse. I feel more settled in my new role as a working mom and I've even managed to work a few night shifts and not be a complete mess for days afterward.

I certainly didn't miss preparing for, working and then recovering from a string of night shifts.

Alice and Lee have found their groove, too, with being home on most days of the week together. I have loved seeing their relationship deepen as he becomes the primary caregiver to our daughter. Although, I'll admit. It stung a bit when she wanted her daddy and not me to comfort her after a tumble.

She still lights up like a Christmas tree, though, and comes running for a hug and a kiss when she hears the key turn and our door open when I arrive home from work. That reunion feels so sweet.

Speaking of Christmas trees, I'm relieved the holidays are finally coming to a close as we are still working out the kinks of how our family will celebrate a religious holiday that doesn't align with our atheist beliefs. There was more than one sideways glance and a few heated words regarding how we intend to make this time of year special for our kid and for our family without encouraging the fairy tale of the season.

And since this is the same debate we've had for the last three years, we should probably spend some time discussing it and making a plan before Dcember rolls around again.

We laid low this week, spending Christmas Eve at a friends's house for dinner and dessert and then Christmas Day breakfast here at our loft with my mom and step-dad and Lee's delicious made-from-scratch Eggs Benedict (including the English muffins!). Alice loved opening presents while a winter storm brewed outside and we spent hours on the carpet, building elaborate LEGO villages using her newest set. Later that evening our neighbors joined us for a rib roast dinner and a bottle of bourbon, which we polished off between the four of us (it was a small bottle, I swear).

Another reason I'm glad the holidays are coming to a close? The excessive eating and drinking I've gotten accustomed to must come to an end! I see another Whole30 in my very near future.

How was your holiday?

Painting!! // Alice's doll got a new outfit. // Making perogies (Lee outdid himself this year.)


  1. Thanks for letting us spend Christmas morning with you, Lee and Alice. Lee made the most delicious breakfast. I could get spoiled with such decadence. Alice is growing up so fast, she is so talented, creative and smart, just like her mom and dad. Christmas can be so enchanting and fun for little ones. It doesn't need to be centered around any religion. I hope you will let her experience the joy that comes from the excitement of this time of year. Glad you are settling in with your new duties in the ER. We love you '3'. xoxo

  2. I can't believe how big Alice is getting!! She is so adorable, and you have some great pictures! I haven't been on the blog in a while... you have so many changes you are going through!! Congrats and good luck on the new ER job... and freak'n Grad School!!
    I thought about you on Christmas... Eddie hates the holiday, more so for the consumer driven holiday that it has turned out to be... My mother insists on sending me Christmas books that involve some guy named Jesus, so it was discussed with Dylan... and what Grandma thinks about. It is hard to decide what to do with the holiday, but I guess for me... the fact that my birthday was always around Christmas and Christmas traditions... I can't give it up yet! Good luck for next year. Thank you again for letting me ready your journal... I love your "entries" and hope you continue into your new endeavors!

  3. Briana it is nice to hear from you. Glad to hear that work is coming along, but I can understand your comment about your daughter choosing your husband. And as always, it's nice to see all your beautiful photos. Interesting comment you made about dealing with the holidays as an atheist family; I hope you find a plan before next December.

  4. Your Christmas looks lovely! Good to hear your work is going well. I am totally with you on feeling glad that the holidays are over - Afternoon bread and cheese o'clock has been wonderful, but it's time to eat healthily again x


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