Sunday, November 30, 2014


Scenes from Thanksgiving. Before the sun set and the lighting was terrible.

It's amazing how quickly my habit of blogging on most days has been broken. Those first two weeks of starting my new job felt all-encompassing! The dust is slowly starting to settle now, though, and with my new employee orientation days behind me, I am starting to see how my life as a working wife and mom will look. Not surprisingly Lee sailed through his increased responsibility of caring for me, our kid and our home while I worked and he even planned out and shopped for our entire Thanksgiving dinner!

He very well might be the better stay-at-home parent between the two of us.

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving here in our loft and it was so fun to pour over cookbooks and magazines and websites planning our ideal holiday meal. After much discussion, we finally settled on menu of a spatchcocked, oven-roastd turkey, kale and mushroom stuffing made with rye bread from the bakery in our building, sweet maple-glazed carrots, bacon- and lemon-roasted Brussels sprouts and homemade cornbread with maple butter.

Oh. And creamy mashed potatoes with homemade gravy, of course.

Our friend Julia made a from-scratch pumpkin pie with orange zest and mascarpone whipped into the filling. And because one pie is never enough (for me), I ordered the award-winning shaker meyer lemon pie from the bakery down the street.

My pants are definitely fitting a bit more snugly after all of that indulging.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Weekly + Weekend Workouts: Monday - Work = None! Tuesday - Work = None! Wednesday - CrossFit before work! 4 x 250M row (1:00 rest between rounds). 2:00 rest. Then 4 x 50M prowler push (140lbs, 1:00 rest between rounds). Thursday - CrossFit! 25 front squats at 75% (95lbs), then Thanksgiving Throwdown! With a partner - 800M run with 14lbs wall ball + 70 pull-ups + 50 plate burpees (jump onto 45lbs plate) + 100 wall balls (14lbs) + 100 doubleunders (each) + 50 T2B + 70 Kettlebell swings (35lbs) + 800M run with wall ball = 32:24. Friday - Sooooo sore. Saturday - CrossFit! With a partner - 5 RFT each of 20 med ball sit-ups (14lbs) + 10 pull-ups + 20 overhead walking lunges (14lbs) + 10 push-ups + 250M run with med ball (14lbs) = 25:28.

Lee got me out of bed on Saturday morning to see this sunrise.


  1. Your Thanksgiving looks lovely. Glad everything is going well with your return to work!

  2. Elegantly decorated table, delicious looking food, great friends, a perfect family, a fabulous job. You have tons to be thankful for! What a beautiful morning 'sunrise' picture. Glad your husband woke you up, so you could enjoy it. xoxo


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