Monday, November 10, 2014


Some very important women in my life // She loves stickers! // Grandpa makes her giggle.

Our annual November trip to Napa went by in a flash. We are leaving today! And it feels like our trip here had just begun. I took very few photos this time around and I found myself at some of my favorite Napa spots without my big camera. So iPhone documentation will just have to do for this trip.

Despite feeling short, this trip was just what I needed to help me feel ready to go back to work next week (!!) after over two years as a stay-at-home mom. I did a solo trail run yesterday morning and as I ran through the golden hills leading to Lake Marie, I felt contented with where I am at in my life, both personally and professionally. And I am excited to start this next chapter of my life.

Maybe I'll feel differently after my first 12-hour night shift, though.

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Rest day! Sunday - Trail run to Lake Marie! 6 miles/1:00/1,232 ft elev gain.

Skyline Park to Lake Marie // Every night the pigeons fly over the water // The beautiful full moon shining on the Napa River.


  1. You look stunning in that photo above, the lipstick is lovely! Good luck on your new advancer, can't wait to hear more about it ;)

  2. What a lovely picture of the very strong women (past and present and future) in Grandpa Glens life. You are gorgeous and Alice is darling. Glad you had a fun time. xo

  3. What a great trip to mark a very important chapter in your life. You still managed to get some amazing photos with your iPhone. I love all these photos, especially the first one!


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