Friday, October 24, 2014


This week in iPhone photos: The new Federal Courthouse & a gorgeous (and huge!) praying mantis.

Currently... relieved that my interview went well yesterday but now I'm a little nervous for Tuesday's peer interview with five ER nurses and me! I'll be brushing up on emergency nursing stuff this weekend, for sure.

Currently... giddy over the hike that I am doing tomorrow. I've had serious peak-fever since our trip to British Columbia and that run we did to the Lake of the Hanging Glacier. So tomorrow I'm doing the Pfeifferhorn! And I'm taking my big camera to capture what I hear are phenomenal views over the 9 miles and 3,700+ feet of elevation gain.

Currently... sad to see our downtown farmers market coming to an end tomorrow. Although it will be good for me to sever my Saturday morning addiction of a morning bun from Tuile.

And currently... ready for a Friday afternoon beer. Epic's Pumpkin Stout with a cinnamon sugar rim is calling my name!

Happy weekend! What are you currently doing?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Crossfit! 1RM shoulder press (ugh, I could only do 95lbs when my previous 1RM is 100!), then Diane! 21-15-9 deadlifts (145) + HSPU (2 ab mats). Tuesday - Crossfit! 3x20 of heaviest possible walking front rack lunges (65, 75, 85... ouch), then 3 RFT of wall balls (14) + 400m run. Wednesday - So sore from those walking lunges so rest day. Thursday - Easy family run to buy beer. 2.5 miles. Friday - Crossfit! 1RM clean + jerk (ugh. I squat cleaned 120 but couldn't jerk it so 115 for today), then 7 min AMRAP 10 T2B + 10 C&J (75) = 53 reps.

Perfect fall leaf. // Until the weather turns cold, the bums rule the park.


  1. I hope all went well with your interview. A panel of your peers sounds a little intimidating to me!

  2. Good luck with your interviews. I love the pictures. Do you tell these guys to move on... so she can play on the slide? She is so sweet, she probably doesn't want to wake them up from their nap.


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