Monday, September 15, 2014


Finally putting art up on her wall. // My breakfast (Alice wasn't impressed). // Identity board for preschool.

I just dropped Alice off for her first day of preschool. I have mixed emotions as I sit here at the coffee shop a few doors down from where she is having her first day of this totally new experience. Excited for her to start this new chapter. Nervous for what challenges she might face without either her mama or daddy there to help. Learning to follow instructions from the new face of her teacher.

I thought my heart might burst as I watched my little girl proudly walk into her new classroom, full of new kids who will hopefully become her friends. I felt tears spring to my eyes as her teacher introduced herself and said, "Welcome, Alice!!" with the enthusiasm that a two-and-a-half year old appreciates. And I felt so proud as I walked down the stairs and out the door, hearing the chatter of the excited children fade as I walked to the coffee shop.

Maybe staying close to the school was more about calming my own nerves and less about calming hers.

Most of our weekend was spent preparing Alice for her first day of school: Getting a lunch box, filling out paperwork, and making an identity board so that her classmates and teachers can get to know our little girl. I did manage to go for an epic trail run by myself to the beautiful White Pine lake in the Lone Peak Wilderness. My run was almost derailed by two bull moose,though, who decided the middle of the trail was the perfect place for their head-butting match. I gave them their distance and they briefly looked my way only to go right back to fighting in the middle of where I needed to go. Not to be deterred by two wild animals, I decided a little serenading from my iPhone was in order to move these two along.

So I played them some Katy Perry This is How We Do at full volume.

Obviously not fans of pop music, they stopped, looked my way, did sort of a moose shrug, and then walked slowly off the trail. But they didn't go far! They were still there an hour or so later as I made my return trip from the lake.

And every hiker and runner I passed on my way both up and down gave me a warning and their own accounts of seeing those two bull moose. It certainly was an exciting day on the trail.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Family bike ride! City Creek to Popperton Park. 8.1 miles. Sunday - Trail run to White Pine Lake! 11.1 miles/2:30/2,764 ft elev gain.

White Pine Lake @ 10,175 feet & the Lone Peak Wilderness (& a little gopher... see him?!).


  1. Wow, Briana! What beautiful wilderness! I love that you see so much wildlife on your runs -- it must be incredibly relaxing and inspiring. And congrats to Alice on her first day of school! I bet she'll love it!

  2. That's a big milestone sending your little one off to school. I remember that day... my son was three months shy of two years old and he was NOT ready to be separated from his mama. We spent the next two weeks prying him away from me every morning to leave him wailing in his classroom. But, eventually, they all grow to love school.

    Love your story about the run in with the two bull moose.

  3. I love the Big Red 'A' and the wooden framed pictures, really cute for her room. Alice is growing up so fast. It's fun to hear that she loves 'school'. I hope that love of school and learning lasts through high school and beyond. Glad the two moose decided to mosey along... or 'moosey along' TeeHee. xoxo


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