Friday, September 12, 2014


Found a book & a seat while Mom shopped.

Currently... wondering where the week went. I blinked and it was Friday. Can every week go this quickly, please?!

Currently... excited for Alice to start preschool on Monday! The three of us met with the director this morning for a talk about their program and a tour of the school and, after Alice decided she didn't want to leave, we signed her up to start next week! Now suddenly I'm going to have three mornings to myself. Pinch me.

Currently... stuffed from dinner. I made a from-scratch spaghetti sauce with grassfed beef over buttery spaghetti squash noodles, topped with goat cheese crumbles. Even Lee loved it! Recipe to come next week.

Currently... exhausted from the continuing sleep issues Alice has had since we came back from out month-long trip. We talk to her every day about sleeping in her crib, all by herself and we remind her of what she should do when she wakes up in the middle of the night (like just ask for mama, not scream like a crazy person!!) but all rationality seems to go out the window once her head hits the pillow. So I have an extra cup of coffee. And a nap on most, ok every day lately.

Currently... loving my vertical succulent garden! It arrived last Saturday and, after letting it acclimatize for a week while the roots take a good, strong hold, we are planning to hang it up tomorrow in it's new spot.

And currently... feeling just really, really happy.

What are you currently doing?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Rest day! Tuesday - CrossFit! 1RM split jerk (120lbs), then 100 double unders + 50 sit-ups + 40 shoulder to overhead (jerks 55lbs) + 50 sit-ups + 100 double unders. Wednesday - Alice slept terribly so... Rest day! Thursday - Family run! 5.1 miles/46 min/409 ft elev gain. Friday - CrossFit! Front squats, 20 reps at 80% (100lbs, accumulate :30 sec L hang for each re-rack), then 2 RFT of: 20 yard handstand walk (HA! I scaled with 5 wall climbs) + 15 double squat wall balls (HA! I scaled with 15 wall balls + 15 air squats) + 10 broad jumps. And then a bike ride 1 mile home.

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  1. I love this picture of Alice. Wow, going to pre-school, she is only 2 1/2 yrs old, I guess she's not too young. I hope she loves it. She is growing up way too fast. xo


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