Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wait. It gets worse.

Our bathroom. And that mirror!!

With the Supreme Court's decision on Monday that favored Hobby Lobby and that now allows them to deny coverage for certain types of birth control for their female employees, I was reminded of something I intended to blog about months ago.

Lee and I are atheists. Obviously that makes us the minority in a predominantly Mormon Utah but we are strong in our convictions and both of us enjoy being a bit controversial, especially when it comes to religious issues. We are supporters of the Affordable Care Act and, earlier this year, we signed up for health insurance through the healthcare exchange. We believe in supporting women's rights and the right to choose healthcare and health procedures based on personal choice. And we try to be informed consumers, spending our money with companies that align with but that also don't fly in the face of our values.

Which brings me to my issue with a product we purchased for our bathroom remodel.

While Lee was installing our bathroom mirror last February, he noticed a sticker that had been placed inside of it. The sticker was a scripture verse! And, after googling it, he called me into the bathroom to tell me the bad news that we had just bought an $1800 mirror from the very conservative and very religious Electric Mirror company.

But who cares, right? Yes, it's annoying that they put a scripture verse inside of our mirror and yes, it is offensive to us as atheists that they didn't give us an opt out option for that silly sticker but it was good fodder for a great conversation during dinner that night.

Wait. It gets worse.

After more investigating, Lee found out that Electric Mirror, the company who made our beautiful lighted mirror that was now hanging in our home, is the second company named in that Hobby Lobby lawsuit.

It turns out, this company is the antithesis of what we believe in.

I felt completely duped by Electric Mirror. We had just spent a small fortune on one of their lighted mirrors and, by purchasing their product, I feel like we have supported their religious message and we've also endorsed what they stand for as a company. Yes, I should've done more research into what their company supports before buying their product but what is most frustrating is their underhanded and sly approach to getting their religious and political message out into the world and into my home.

Respect is demanded from the religious but the same respect isn't often given to the non-religious. If I were to make a product as an atheist and slap a sticker inside that said God does not exist!, the story would make headlines. But this blanketing of religious beliefs through silent evangelism by putting a message inside of a mirror or on the bottom of a shopping bag or on a carton of french fries goes completely unchecked.

And frankly, it looks desperate.

We aren't going to send our mirror back but, trust me. We thought about it. This experience frustrated and then infuriated us, but it also strengthened our resolve to continue seeking out and supporting companies that better align with our values.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it is inappropriate to include a religious message on a product, i.e. an Electric Mirror or a Forever 21 bag or an In-N-Out container?


  1. I think it is completely inappropriate for anyone to push their beliefs onto others, let alone a company. And you're right, everyone would be up in arms if atheists started pushing their beliefs, yet its ok for Christians to?! It isn't ok. Too bad you can't get your money back on that mirror!

  2. It's inappropriate and I would be upset (and I believe in God) as well.

    The whole Hobby Lobby ruling is so scary :(

  3. A scripture verse in a mirror?! I don't have much to add here, other than to say that I think you're awesome and I'm glad you're my friend. <3

  4. Hi Briana, Brave and positive post! Absolutely intolerable for COMPANIES to push their religious beliefs on the consumer through product or ruling. I agree with Alli (above) who posed the question about what would happen if an Atheist rammed their beliefs down a Christian's throat... we live in a very confused country (and world).

    Thanks for your honesty!

  5. Wow, that is amazing. I had not heard of that before. Now there is another company on my list, that I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH. oxxo

  6. I agree with you that it's inappropriate. Our family is Catholic (practicing) and I don't think a company should push it's values onto anyone. Interestingly we care about a companies environmental views and policies than we do religious. I wouldn't care if the people I buy a product from are atheist or catholic or muslim or jewish or whatever. I care more that the product was well made in a way that hurts the world as little as possible and that those who made it were paid fairly for their work. But I'm a very odd Catholic!


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