Monday, June 30, 2014


Views from Hidden Peak, looking West.

My in-laws are on the road today, back to Canada and we miss them already! Much like our week, our weekend was packed full of outings to our favorite spots all over the city. On Saturday morning, we wandered around the farmers' market, people-watching and booth-perusing, and then later that afternoon, I got away for a couple of hours to celebrate a very dear friend who is having a baby in a few short weeks.

I sure can't wait to meet baby K!

With the heat returning to the valley on Sunday, we decided to escape up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird to show these Canadians what our American Rockies are all about. We took the tram up to Hidden Peak, at 11,000 feet, and marveled at the peaks still covered in snow and the views that stretched on for miles. It was cool up there at 50F but the sun was shining so we didn't mind the nip in the air. Alice enjoyed scaring her parents by wandering a little too closely to the edge (!!!) and I enjoyed giving my in-laws a (very) brief history of what I know about the area.

After lunch on the tram deck and a failed attempt at getting Alice to nap on the grass, we headed back to Salt Lake for the afternoon. Everyone napped! And then Lee made us a delicious dinner of grilled local lamb chops with spicy cauliflower and peppers.

Fortunately my in-laws didn't mind eating most of their meals within the guidelines of my Whole30. Except for that homemade pizza dough cooked on the grill which all three of them said was the best dough and the best overall pizza they'd ever had.

You'll be making that meal again for me in a few weeks, Lee.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday & Sunday - NONE! But I'm back at it this week.

Looking East & South.


  1. Beautiful pictures of Snowbird and our gorgeous Wasatch Mountains. So glad you took the Canadian grandparents to all these wonderful places that Utah has to offer. xo

  2. Pizza dough cooked on the grill?! Yum, you'll have to share the recipe sometime x


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