Monday, May 12, 2014


Vintage 1960's magazine rack from Etsy! // My Photoshop-project-turned-canvas-art of our local train stops.

We don't do much in the way of celebrating Hallmark holidays around here and I know that makes me sound like a complete spoilsport but hear me out. So much of celebrating those holidays involves gift-giving (a.k.a. stuff-giving) and you all know how I feel about accumulating more stuff.

You should see my streamlined closet and ample drawer space since I started my stuff-purge!

So instead of Mother's Day gifts, I got a snuggle in bed from Alice in the morning (Lee taught her how to say Happy Mother's Day, Mama!) a Skype call with my sister who is currently traveling in Colombia, a delicious fritatta for breakfast, and then my mom and step-dad took Alice for the entire day.

An entire day of free babysitting might just be the perfect Mother's Day gift.

While Alice was with my mom, Lee and I walked over to the park near our house to watch the Pioneer Park Criterium bike race. As we watched the peloton zoom around the course we saw the real estate agent who sells units in our building and also the brand new building across the street from the park. After talking to him for a bit he invited us over to the unfinished lofts for a look around.

And I immediately had loft-envy.

New-building construction! Double the square footage! A rooftop terrace! Stunning views of the city and surrounding mountains! And all for a $1.3-million dollar price tag.

It's so funny how I feel perfectly content with where we live and then, all of a sudden, I go to a beautifully decorated home or an unfinished penthouse loft and I am green with envy. But then I thought about what would also come with owning a bigger home (a mortgage, higher property taxes and way more space to clean/cool/heat) and, all of a sudden, I felt perfectly content again with our choice to live in our small-ish home.

How was your weekend? And tell me, what makes you green with envy?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Family run! 3.4 miles/33 min/323 ft elev gain. Sunday - Rest day!

Downtown SLC & the Pioneer Park Criterium.


  1. Here's my green with envy: For the past few weeks I've been watching the geese and ducks roost on their eggs at Liberty Park and every time we visit there are more and more cute little goslings and ducklings. Today was the first time I didn't notice any birds roosting - granted, the pond drained and surrounded by fencing, so I hope that doesn't have any ill-effects on their offspring... anyway, today was the first day that I felt like the last one to still have their little one incubating away. It sounds much more morose and melancholy than it feels, truly ;) But I thought you might get a kick out of me being envious of waterfowl of all things!

  2. Green with envy: A perfect yard! Weeds pulled and leaves raked by someone else! Garden space for vegetables! Play area for grandchildren! And additional grandchildren. xoxo

    PS: I love your new artwork and magazine rack. Glad you had a relaxing, fun Mothers Day.

  3. That sounds like a perfect Mothers Day present: a day off. My family lives in another state, so we don't get much free babysitting (although it does work out when we travel to the Bay Area, because we get free babysitting and get to head off to San Francisco!). I know what you mean about thinking your place is perfectly awesome until you see a bigger/newer/more perfectly decorated place and start to wish for a new place.


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