Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Blurry photos frolicking on mama's bed.

Dear Buggy Love,

It has been months since I've written you a letter! I used to do it with such regularity but, after you turned one, I just fell out of the habit, I guess. Having hit somewhat of a milestone over the weekend, though, I felt the need to rekindle the letter-writing to document your monumental achievement.

Love Bug... on Friday night, you pooped in the toilet.

Since your attention span for sitting down for dinner only lasts about 3 minutes, your daddy and I were finishing up our meals when you came running out of your room, eyes wide, frantically yelling, "I have to poop!" So off we went to the toilet for what I expected would be the usual sit-and-then-nothing and then, "I'm done", which you have been doing for months.

But this time you asked for your potty book! And, as we read it, your eyes reddened and turned watery and, well... you did your business.

You pooped. I cried. I have never been so proud.

Of course you are two steps forward, one step back with this whole potty training thing and that is perfectly fine with us. Just the glimmer of no more poopy diapers on the horizon is motivation enough to keep at it.

But just so you know, we are totally ready to ditch the diapers. Whenever you are, of course.

Mom & Dad.

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  1. Yeah for poops! She is such a happy child. They grow up fast. Enjoy every moment. xoxo


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