Thursday, May 15, 2014

Minimalism game: Day ?!

I have no idea if I am ahead or behind of even on track with my daily getting-rid-of-stuff for this 30-day minimalism game that I'm playing. All I know is that my bag of give-aways is bulging and it feels so good to see it go.

Because a few of these things have somewhat funny stories behind them, I'm going to indulge you as to why I've chosen each item to go into the big black garbage bag. Riveting blogging, I know (left to right, clockwise).

  • Race t-shirt: I just got this after my 50K! And it already has yellow stains from sunscreen after just one wear.
  • Black vest: Haven't worn it in years.
  • Cream-colored blanket: Oh boy. Many, many years ago when my sisters and I dressed as the four seasons for Halloween and our costumes were made of only Saran Wrap, I had to wear this blanket home after my thin plastic costume called it quits. Maybe someday I'll post some photos of us in all of our glory.
  • Leopard-print shirt: Huge rip near the buttons! And an unflattering cut.
  • Dark jeans: The cut and the contrasting stitching just isn't my style anymore.
  • Book of Mormon Musical t-shirt: A few years ago Lee took me to New York for the opening weekend of a brand new musical. Little did we know that that musical would become a major Broadway hit. But I still don't want to keep the t-shirt.
  • Merino wool sweater dress: It just isn't flattering on me.
  • Glass jars: I have this thing for saving empty glass jars, which means our cabinet is stuffed full of them. It drives Lee crazy! So I am parting with two (you're welcome, Lee).

One more week of the minimalism game! Taking ideas now for my next challenge...

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  1. It does feel nice to get rid of unwanted, unused, or unwearable items. Good luck with your purge! xoxo

    PS: if those glass jars are Mason, Ball, or Kerr... I can use them for canning.


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