Monday, March 24, 2014


Cartoon-watching & balloon-holding. // Opening her present with her grandparents via Skype!

Please excuse the excessive amounts of photos of Alice in this post as two sets of her grandparents weren't with us on Saturday to celebrate her turning two. So I promised them an overload of pictures! Here you go, grandparents.

On Friday night after Alice had gone to sleep, I went to a party store and bought balloons to decorate her room (and I also witnessed a group of teens grab a bunch of party supplies and run out of the store without paying. Who robs a party store?! I digress...) When she woke up on Saturday morning and I turned on the light in her bedroom, she saw balloons floating above her dresser and scattered all over her floor and said, "Wow, Mom. Look! Look balloons!" We reminded her that it was her birthday and that she was now two years old! So for the rest of the day, she would randomly say, "It's my birthday! I'm two." And all throughout the morning she held on tightly to one or two helium balloons.

Which I loved, of course, because of the cute photo-op that made.

Before brunch, Alice opened her first birthday present from her Canadian grandparents. She was so excited to see what was inside the big blue box that came in the mail! We made sure to Skype with them as she opened her gift, which was a Maplelea Doll (the equivalent of our American Doll). As soon as she saw her new doll (named Taryn who is from Banff, Alberta, Canada), she smiled and hugged her tightly. Thanks for the great gift, Grama & Grandpa!

These two are always so cute together.

My mom, step-dad, Alice's little buddy G, his little sister and their parents all came over for a lively and loud morning of coffee, Dark Moons, and brunch at our loft as Alice and G ran around together, chasing balloons and squealing all the while.

They really do play so well together.

Lee made us a delicious breakfast and then we sang Happy Birthday! to Alice (while she held onto a few of those balloons, of course). After cake, a few more presents and a quick clean-up, we sent Alice to my mom's for the night so that we could attend the wedding of a very dear friend.

I had the privilege of doing my friend's make-up and it was so fun sharing the experience of her getting ready on her wedding day. She was a gorgeous bride! And I'm pretty sure that her ceremony had most of the crowd in tears (me included). Lee and I ate and drank and danced and had a wonderful night sans Alice but, after a few hours away from that little nut, we both admitted that we missed her. So much so that our entire car ride home was spent recounting funny stories and remembering all that has happened over these last two years.

I spend a good deal of my week looking forward to getting a break and Alice spending time with Grandma Julie and then, a few hours after I drop her off, I miss her like crazy. Go figure.

On Sunday we slept in until 8AM (!!), I went for my long trail run while Lee went mountain biking and then we picked up our two-year old at my mom's, who ran to me when she saw me and said, "Mommy! Mommy! Where you go? I miss you."

This kid has us wrapped around her little finger.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - With all that we had going on that day... Rest day! Sunday - Trail run! 16.5 miles/3:09/3,185 ft elev gain. Holy elevation gain! And I didn't feel great on that run! But more on why I think that is later in the week.

Cake! Opening presents! Playing! And then, of course, a meltdown.


  1. Those photos are too adorable! On the 10th birthday of the boy I nannied for four years I filled about a hundred balloons and shoved them in his room and down the hall before he work up - 2 or 10 makes no difference when there are birthday balloons involved!

  2. her hair is gorgeous!

    glad you had a good adult night out - I can't wait to return to America so we can have one of those :)

  3. She looks SO grown-up! I love that last shot of the balloons.

  4. I love the pictures with Alice and her friend. She looks so happy!

  5. Great pictures. Alice is growing up so fast. She is a very happy 2 year old. Thanks for inviting us to her birthday party celebration. We loved every minute. xo


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