Monday, March 17, 2014


Learning to blow her nose (she's sick AGAIN!) // Pinot Noir from Artesa.

My first glass of wine after thirty-one days of abstaining was a bit of a letdown. Yes, I felt like a light-weight and had a buzz after just a few sips but about halfway through my glass, I had a headache! And after only having a glass-and-a half over a few hours time, I woke up with an even bigger headache.

So was it the alcohol? Or the sugar from the few handfuls of dark chocolate-covered coconut almonds that gave me a headache? Who knows. But I have learned a valuable lesson through my Whole30 about making the choice to drink alcohol and eat sweets knowing that they may will affect how I feel the next day.

I was able to impose some of the self-control that I learned during my thirty days with those almonds as I stopped myself after a few small handfuls rather than what I might've done before... eating the entire Costco-sized bag.

I won't be buying those delicious little things again.

St Pat's Parade at the Gateway // Alice & her best friend G, running wild.

On Saturday we met our neighbors and their kids for brunch at our local bakery, Carlucci's, before heading to the St. Patrick's Day Parade, which took place just a block from our loft. Our neighbors are the parents of Alice's best little buddy who we play with on most days of the week and, whenever they are together, they want nothing to do with their mamas! They run around together, giggling and playing and tickling each other, giving us time to talk and relax without whiny toddlers at our ankles.

It's no wonder that G's mama and I text each other almost every morning to see if we can hang out together. Alice is a dream toddler when she's with little G!

After the parade and after Alice went down for her nap, I reluctantly went to the Insta-Care to get my hand x-rayed as, a week after my fall, it was still very swollen and very painful. Surprisingly there was no wait and I saw a doctor and had an X-ray in less than an hour. Turns out, it thankfully isn't broken, just severely sprained and being made worse by my continued use of it. So what did the doctor do? She gave me a splint to completely immobilize it, you know, like those cones they put around dog's neck so that they stop bothering a surgical sight.

So basically, I have a cone of shame on my hand and wrist.

I am supposed to wear this brace for three days straight to give the swollen tendons and muscles in my hand time to heal. Luckily Lee is around to force me to wear it as, since it is on my right hand and I'm right-handed, I was ready to rip off the brace immediately when I realized how handicapped it made me.

But I'm committing to wearing it for two reasons: 1. I won't be able to CrossFit until it's healed. And 2. We have a high deductible so, if it doesn't get better and I have to go back to see a doctor... $$$$$!

Heal, baby! Heal!

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Rest day! Sunday - Long run! 15.4 miles/2:41/2,076 ft elev gain.

Running with my cone of shame brace // Meatless meal! Grilled acorn squash, shiitake mushrooms, onions & cherry tomatoes over greens w/ garlic mayo // Grilled bananas & strawberries w/ strawberry ice cream // Sunday night sunset.


  1. Aw, look at your pitiful paw! Alice looks beyond adorable in those parade photos!

  2. What a fun weekend. Glad the weather held up so you could go to the parade and get in a good run. Sorry about your hand... keep the splint on. Just ask for assistance from your hubby when you need to change a diaper or pick up Ms Alice. xoxo

  3. Sorry about your hand, bummer! Sounds like a fun weekend though, and I definitely applaud your discipline with the alcohol and sweets. During my first pregnancy, I didn't have a single sip of alcohol, and while I did catch a fast buzz when I started back in, no headaches... so I'm betting on sugar (from which I have never abstained ;).


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