Monday, February 3, 2014


 Saturday afternoon snow! // Crane Building. // Shredding mail & then playing in it. // I baked!

No wonder I felt so exhausted on Friday after my long run as all three of us woke up on Saturday morning a snotty-nosed and sore-throated mess.  So, not surprisingly, our sicknesses dictated most of what we did this weekend.

Alice and I didn't get out of our pajamas on Saturday until well after lunch and then the only reason we got out of them any earlier on Sunday is that it was a gorgeous day outside and Lee needed us out of the house so that he could work on installing our 3-form movable wall.

And since I'm chomping at the bit to get this remodel done, we happily obliged.

Come Super Bowl start-time on Sunday, we were all feeling well enough to go over to our neighbors' loft for barbeque and home-brewed beers.  Alice snapped out of her sick-baby routine and turned on her toddler charm, entertaining the other guests by singing songs and giving color commentary on the Super Bowl commercials.  We were nervous that she'd be a whine-y mess but, it turns out, a change of scenery and some snack foods were exactly what she needed.

Despite feeling like death for most of the weekend, I did manage to find motivation to dig through and then edit 60+ photos for a photo wall that I'm planning to hang in what will be our dining room as soon as we have a proper table.  The prints will be ready on Tuesday!  And then hopefully they'll be hung shortly thereafter.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts:  Saturday & Sunday - Unless chasing around a toddler to wipe her boogery nose counts, I did absolutely nothing.

Warm banana bread. // Terrorizing the pigeons at Pioneer Park. // The mountains are back!


  1. Running around after a toddler certainly counts as exercise! Good to hear you both are on the mend and that you made it to a Super Bowl party. Hey, I am totally with Lee on not wanting to watch zombie movies/tv shows, zombies are not my thing!

  2. Glad you started feeling better. The change in scenery must have helped! xo


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