Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Just some of my Amazon Subscribe & Save order for January!

Even though I miss the company of my in-laws and the incredible help they gave with Alice, it sure feels good to be home. Our trip back to Salt Lake went smoothly, despite having a toddler who refused to sit on her dad's lap for most of the flights, which meant she was wiggling and moving and readjusting herself on my lap for five hours. Honestly I'm sort of looking forward to Alice turning two and having to buy an additional plane ticket as squishing an almost 5'9" momma next to a 6'5" daddy with a giant 22-month old in two tiny airplane seats is ridiculous.

And comical to anyone sitting near us, I'm sure.

We did have one guy who made it known that he was annoyed, giving us the half and then the full turn-around a few times after Alice accidentally pushed on his seat with her feet. I was practically killing myself trying to keep her feet and hands away from his seat, sitting her sideways on my lap for the majority of the flight.

And then that annoyed guy reclined his seat.

Okay. I know that it is absolutely his right to recline his seat but seriously, buddy?! You're reclining your seat when you are obviously annoyed that my kid is giving you a back massage with her feet and then you give us even LESS space to work with?!

After that, I wasn't nearly as cautious about a few foot jabs to the back of his seat. And as we were getting off the plane, we all stood up and I realized that Lee and I were towering over him as he was only about 5'7". Obviously his ego needed that extra room, not his legs.


  1. Ha, ha! That is awesome (in hindsight, not actually going through it of course!)

  2. Gllad you are back in UT. I missed you three! Alice must be growing so much, to be described as a giant toddler. Can't wait to have a play date with her. Wow, I did not know you could order food on-line from Amazon, I'll have to check that out. xoxo

  3. Costco trip? I spy a bunch of Lara bars...

  4. when Nolan and flew from Boston to Amsterdam, he was belted in his car seat, playfully kicking the seat in front of him while he watched a movie. I told him to stop, tried to block (he didn't have shoes on), etc, but the guy in front of us - maybe late 50's, turned around and said "can he please stop".

    I felt bad, but duuuude, throw me a bone.


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