Thursday, December 19, 2013

More delays. Toddler update.

Ice cream at the Oxbow. Napa, CA.

I don't know why I'm surprised that our wallpaper installation is delayed until tomorrow. Like everything else we've encountered in the world of remodeling, start dates and time frames for finishing a project are wildly inaccurate. And wildly frustrating.

It sometimes feels like we're doing them a favor letting these people work for us. Oh, and on top of that favor, we're paying them, too.

And now... a letter!

Dear Buggy,

It's been quite some time since I've written you a letter and I have to say, I've missed doing it! You are now almost 21 months old with your 2nd birthday rapidly approaching. I guess I need to learn to start calling you my little girl rather than my little baby.

On Monday you had a well-child check-up with your new pediatrician here in SLC. You missed your 18-month appointment because of our big move so I had no idea how big you've gotten other than you are now wearing 3T shirts and 4T pants. And, sure enough, you are 94% for weight (30 lbs) and you're off the chart for height (36 inches).

My love, you have finally entered that wonderful "No!" stage I knew you'd eventually reach. Everything is "No!" in your little world right now. You are also highly dramatic and oftentimes will throw yourself on the floor but, since our floors are unforgiving concrete, you've learned to gingerly lie down and then continue the tantrum rather than hurting yourself in the throw-down process. It's frustrating, yes, but it's also hilarious and I find myself uncontrollably laughing as you do it, which obviously just makes you even more mad. And this easily happens two or three times a day.

So that's been fun!

Picky eating continues, of course, but Mama sneaks veggies like kale and spinach and carrots into your daily smoothie. You can now speak in three- and four-word sentences. Dora... is still your hero. Having preferred nighttime showers over baths exclusively for the last few months, you've reverted to a bath first followed by a shower and you start asking to take that nighttime bath/shower starting around noon. EVERYDAY. You've let us know for a while now when you are about to go poop in your diaper but, every time we ask you if you want to go in the toilet, your eyes get wide, you start shaking your head and you say "No!". I've even started to bribe you with dark chocolate-covered almonds (your favorite) and by telling you that even Dora goes poop in the toilet! So far, it isn't working.

It sure is an adventure raising you, Love Bug.

I love you so much. XOX.


"More ice cream, please!"


  1. Darling pictures of Alice enjoying her ice cream cone and her new green boots. Such a cute letter to your little bug! Wow she has grown so much, she will be tall like her mommy and daddy.

    Toilet training is always a challenge. She'll suprise you one day and just ask to use the potty... 'lets hope'. You were so easy to train. I just gave you your favorite book, told you to read it on your little potty chair,... your little sister wasn't as easy. She needed more encouragement to get trained. xoxo

  2. Sorry you're having bad luck with the schedule in your remodel! It is typical for everything to run behind, there's just always something unanticipated... frustrating!

    Love hearing you use the nickname 'buggy'. That's what I call W too, and over the weekend I had one of my husband's family members ask him, in this terrible judgemental tone, why I call him that. It's been ringing I my head, so it's nice to see I'm in good company- it's just a cute name- sheesh!

    And lastly she is now officially the same height and weight as my 3 year old ;) We're short over here... but plenty of attitude to make up for it! She's growing so fast, adorable as always.


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