Thursday, October 3, 2013


Cherokee t-shirt $1. Tommy Hilfiger jumper $1.

Now that we are more aware of money spent, I've decided to start thrift shopping for some of Alice's clothes. I am no stranger to thrift stores and, in fact, when I was broke and living in LA while going to nursing school, almost half of my closet came from either the Goodwill or Salvation Army. The thrift shopping was so good near my apartment in Santa Monica that the Salvation Army even had a boutique separate from the main store to sell all of those designer toss-aways.

I found some unbelievably amazing things at that boutique.

Like all kids at her age, Alice seems to grow inches overnight. Because of this rapid growth she wears her clothes only a handful of times before they are too small. She grows out of them so quickly that most of those clothes still look brand new when I pack them away for our next kid! And I imagine this is the norm in most families.

So last week Alice and I went thrift shopping at the Utah version of the Goodwill, the Deseret Industries! As is the nature of shopping second-hand, we had to do a bit of digging to find the gems but we came home with some great fall and winter clothing for Alice. Two pairs of pants. A sweatshirt, a cardigan and a cable knit sweater. Three dresses. And two t-shirts. 

All for the bargain price of $13. 

What are your thoughts on thrift shopping for kids clothes? Do or don't? With the high number of kids-per-family in this state, I thought there would be an over abundance of super cute kids clothing at the DI but, except for the things we bought, it sort of fell flat. We'll definitely go back, though. 

Chaps shirt dress - $1. // Gap striped pants - $1. Old Navy shirt - New ($9).


  1. I did some consignment shopping in Boston, but never found anything good. I was able to sell a lot though and made over $70 in cash in one trip! I went to a consignment sale for kids here in NC and had much better luck. I already have the next one on my calendar and plan on going bright and early! I think I'm going to do as much consignment shopping for them as possible until they are old enough to ask for something different.

  2. We have some Goodwill's here in Utah now. I think the closest location is in Murray. I've never been so I don't know if it's any better than the DI. I like the idea of thrifting, one of my co-workers buys a lot from Kid-to-Kid and her little boy always looks cute.

  3. All my kids clothes come from second hand stores. I buy my oldest's clothes used and she passes them to her sister. We joke that the 2nd one is lucky because she knows who wore them last. I love the deals and the reusing of things, so for us it's perfect, and frankly we're cheap so love it!

  4. Definitely a do! Although I try to buy nicer items that I know will last (like heavy wool sweaters) for my oldest because I know he will be able to pass them down to his two younger brothers, I do keep my eye out for pants (which all-too-often procure knee holes and cannot be passed down from one kid to the next) and other good things at Goodwill. It's a good feeling when you find treasures there!


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