Monday, September 2, 2013


Views from the trail.

So far, living in our loft is working well. Granted, it's only been three days and none of our stuff is in it yet but we are all still alive after a weekend here together. I imagine once we fill the space up with couches and chairs and such it'll feel a bit more.... cozy.

Anyway. Alice and I spent Friday night at Snowbird while Lee put our appliances back in place after the floor refinishing project. Saturday morning, Alice played with her Grandma and Zayde (Hebrew for grandpa) while I went for an early morning trail run/hike. It was more like a hike because, good god, 9,000 feet is tough for running. It's really amazing how a little altitude will slow you waaaaaaaay down.

I wasn't sure downtown living would be conducive to life with a toddler as there isn't a decent park close to us (well, there is one but it is completely overrun by the homeless... but more on that another day). So on Saturday, after a trip to the grocery store, we walked to the newly completed City Creek Center so that Alice could play in the water on their splash pad. And after 45 minutes of running wild, she was sufficiently soaked and completely worn out.

Then on Sunday, in need of a place for Alice to run around while Lee did some loft-improvement stuff, I checked out the Discovery Gateway Children's museum that is only a block from our loft.

And after only a few minutes of playing there, I immediately bought an annual membership.

This place, with it's kids-sized grocery store and gas station and farm and play-house and so much more will be hours of fun for Alice. And it'll be an awesome break from being her sole entertainment.

So it turns out that living downtown is going to work out with a kid.

P.S. Tomorrow I'll show you our new floors (there is a sneak-peek below) and I'll tell you why our floor refinishing project also included buying a new washing machine. Ugh.

Splash park maniac. // Paradise berries from the SL Farmers Mkt. // Big Kitty takes a stroll on the new floors. // Homemade salsa. // There goes the sun!

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - 3.5 mile trail run/hike with 1,000 feet of elevation gain. Sunday - MOUNTAIN BIKING! I haven't ridden my Specialized in over two years. And it felt so good to be back on it. I biked the short 1.5 miles to the trail and then grinned like a lunatic for the remaining 12 miles of single-track. City Creek to Bonneville Shoreline to Dry Creek. Man, it's good to be home.

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