Thursday, September 19, 2013


Before I screwed up...

I had two moments yesterday where I was like, Man, I'm a bonehead. Neither were a huge deal just both instances had me laughing at myself just a little bit. Here's what happened first:

I was unpacking my last clothing box! All of my winter stuff like jackets, scarves and boots were finally getting put away. As I looked at my pile of boots and my dwindling closet space I had an idea. Since I have two pairs of rain boots, an expensive pair and a ridiculously cheap pair, I decided to cut the cheap pair off into rain booties (and in interest of full disclosure, the cheap boots were crazy-tight on my pretty normal-sized calves). So I started cutting! And I loved how the first bootie turned out.

Then I started cutting the second boot. You know that phrase Measure twice. Cut once? Ya. I didn't measure that second boot at all.

So there I am, cutting the boot while holding the already-cut boot for measure when I realized I had cut a half inch too far. Luckily Alice was asleep and didn't hear me mutter a bunch of expletives as I tried to remedy the situation as best I could.

No big deal. I'll wear them anyway.

Just don't look at them too closely.

Later in the afternoon, after Lee finished his workday, I went for a mountain bike ride. As I slowly made my way up the 1,400 feet of elevation gain, I decided to turn on some motivating music from my iPhone. Since I didn't have headphones (and since I don't believe in biking with them anyway) I just turned on the tunes via the speaker and rocked out while I rode up the trail. Usually I have that section of the trail all to myself and rarely see anyone else out there.

But just as a cool Led Zeppelin track finished, a dorky Ke$ha song started and I ran into another biker.

I saw him rounding the bend and since I was on a small downhill section I followed the proper mountain bike etiquette of pulling off to the side while he pedaled uphill. Realizing how loud my music was and what was playing, I fumbled with my phone trying to turn off the teeny-bopper tune before he got to me.

Nope. Couldn't turn it off in time. He made it to me just as Ke$ha loudly belted out the chorus. And as he passed me, he sort of chuckled and said, Enjoy the rest of your ride!


I'll never tire of this view.

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  1. That view is beautiful. Gosh it is a little embarrassing to get caught listening to teeny bopper music. I may or may not have Katy Perry on my iPod!!


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