Friday, August 23, 2013

Food Goodbyes.


One of the things I love about moving to a new city is exploring and finding my favorite local restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops in my new neighborhood. And it's also one of the things I hate about moving.

When I left Santa Monica after seven years living there, I was seriously depressed about leaving the hands-down best bakery I've ever been to. Huckleberry was a stone's throw from my apartment and I was often there first thing in the morning, waiting patiently for their doors to open so I could get my daily baked good fix (it's so good that Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner are regulars there, too).

I still have dreams about their almond poppyseed tea cake and maple bacon biscuits.

So now that our days in Boston are quickly winding down, I'm treating myself daily to all the food things I'll miss once we no longer live here. A latte from Cafe Fixe. A lemon poppyseed biscuit from Treats on Washington. A few cocktails and tapas from Barcelona Wine Bar. A half dozen (!!) of Georgetown cupcakes.

And just yesterday, I found a new favorite that I just might miss the most once we move. FoMu Alternative Ice Cream in Allston.

It was so good I took home 4 pints of their coconut cream-based ice cream. You know, to eat in our last 4 days of living here.

And if you want to see how I look at 5:30AM when working out, here you go. I got picked for member of the month at Rugged CrossFit! Thanks guys. I'll sure miss getting my ass kicked with all of you.

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Run! 4 miles with 8 x 150-200 meter pick-ups at 80% + 4 sets of 10 tricep dips and 4 sets of one-minute plank. Tuesday - Lots of walking but otherwise a rest day. Wednesday - Back to Rugged CrossFit! Run to/from (3 miles), 35 ring rows, then 50 double-unders + 27 box jumps (24 inches) + 27 kettle bell sumo dead lift high pull, then 50 double-unders. Thursday - CrossFit! Run to/from (3 miles), then find a 5-rep max for dead lifts (190lbs!!!), then 4 sets of 12 Good Mornings (55lbs), then one minute of each of the following: plank push-ups, hanging leg raises, Russian twists (14lbs), mountain climbers, flutter-kicks, and finally... one minute plank hold. Friday - Wow. I'm sore from those dead lifts. Rest day!



  1. Think of it this way. You get to discover all new food haunts in your old/new home! I'm sure loads of new ones have appeared since you moved and you'll have to try them all out.

    I hope the new people who move into your apartment are tall, otherwise how will they use your peep hole?!

  2. That ice cream place looks INCREDIBLE!! We are so lucky that there is a man who makes fresh coconut ice cream and he sells it on wheels, so when we see the guy we like stalk him until he pulls over and by as much as we possible can from him! Good, healthy icecream is addictive!!In a good way of course....


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