Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Lately I've been thinking a lot about the concept of community and how my ideas about it have changed since having Alice.  Growing up with a single mom who worked long hours to make ends meet, my community was essential to helping raise both my sister and me.  We were the definition of latchkey kids and our welcoming and observant neighbors were always willing to make an extra sandwich for an after-school snack or set a few more plates for dinner for two little girls. Without those connections to our community and with what little adult supervision we often had at home, I'm not sure either of us would be where we are today.

Our conversations late at night after Alice has gone to bed often turn to what kind of community we want to live in and help create for our little family.  Having lived in apartments for the last decade and a half, I've found that apartment living isn't usually conducive to getting to know your neighbors and making friends.  Most people who rent apartments are in a holding pattern for something else.  Waiting for that new job.  Saving up for a first home.  Or finishing school before moving onto the next thing.  There is a transience in apartment dwellers that oftentimes impedes the building of a community.

Having Alice has helped me realize all that I want for her in where we ultimately live.  Neighbors who look out for one another.  Parents involved in the local schools.  A feeling of safety as she plays outside with other neighborhood kids.  A front lawn!!    

And a backyard barbeque or two.

Are you in a holding pattern with where you are living?  Or are you planning to live where you are for awhile? 


  1. After we have kids everything changes as we have to do everything that it is better for the little ones. I agree with you the idea of living in a neighborhood that helps each other is the best thing.

  2. Hi, I got you nominated for the Liebster Blog Award! Check it out on my blog www.notasinfashion.blogspot.com

  3. Yes, I agree, living in a good neighborhood and getting to know your neighbors is a life saver... as you remember when you were young. I'm just glad you kids were well behaved and could "fend" for yourselves, and that we had good friends nearby to keep an eye on you.

    Love you and miss you '3'. xoxo

  4. Mama Shell's table was and always is open to you! Soooo stoked you're coming home!

  5. We moved to our area because it is a great neighbourhood to have kids. We know our neighbours on both sides and a neighbour from further down the street who we don't really know even gave us their old swing set for Lulu! I agree, it's so important to live in a good neighbourhood. Though the front garden is a little bit of a worry at the moment with the park across the street, she darts off down the driveway every second she can & she doesn't have any concept of the road yet. It's a little scary! Luckily I can run faster than she can walk.


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