Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Since Alice usually stays in her pajamas until just before we go for our mid-morning walk, I often lay out her clothes first thing so that they are ready to be put on post-diaper change as we're headed out the door.  While she finishes her breakfast or plays in the bathroom drawers, I put on my make-up and get dressed.  Because Lee was sick all last week, he worked from home and as Alice and I were about to walk out the door to go grocery shopping, this is what he said:      

Lee: "You know you guys are totally matching, right?"
(I looked down at my outfit and then at Alice's and, sure enough.  He was right.)
Me:  "Hmmm.  So we are.  Oh well.  I'm sure no one will notice."
Lee: (chuckling) "Okay!" 

So we get to Whole Foods and are there maybe 30 seconds when I hear this: 

Random guy: "Aaaaaaw.  How cute!  Mom and daughter are totally matching!"

Of course he said it loud enough for the entire produce department to hear so there was a collective Aaaaaaaaw! as everyone turned to look at us.  And, of course, Lee grinned and said I told you so! when we got home and I told him what happened.  Who knew people were so observant?!


  1. Awwww! That is cute. I have never intentionally matched my outfit to my son's. I think I did it once and it wasn't so obvious because nobody mentioned it until much later in the day, and by that point, my son and I had been parading around for a good part of the day.

    Sometimes my husband will inadvertently wear something in the same color theme as my son's outfit and I'll make fun of him for trying to be as cool as our son.

  2. sweet! do it while you can, right? Some day she will say "Mom, just drop me off at the curb so my friends don't notice" ;)

  3. You guys look so cute in your stripes :)

  4. You two are just too adorable! I love that pop of pink on you both, too!

    I often dress my boys like each other or like me without being conscious of it! For instance, one day last week, Oliver and I were wearing matching chambray shirts and darker color jeans. Someone did point it out to me, too. So funny when that happens!

  5. I think your striped outfits are darling. Fun picture!

    Growing up as a twin, I really thought it was fun to dress alike. Around our early teens, we started thinking it was not cool. Trying to break that habit of being "We" to becoming an "Individual" was sometimes hard. Enjoy.


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