Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beauty Rituals.

Another lifetime ago, before I met Lee and while I was living in LA and going to nursing school, I worked as a make-up artist on a National team for Estée Lauder.  It was great money.  I got a lot of free products.  It got me through nursing school.  Not that this former job makes me any sort of expert in the world of beauty but that love for skin care products and make-up hasn't ceased despite my career change.

What I've found as I've gotten older is that having taken care of my skin in my 20's has helped it to continue looking great now that I am in my 30's.  My nighttime skin routine has, of course, changed over the years but I seem to have settled into one that is working well for me.  So I thought I'd share!  Here's what I do most nights...
  1. Clarisonic + Neutrogena Naturals Acne Foaming Scrub
  2. 10% Glycolic Acid Cream (every other night) + Burt's Bees Beeswax Moisturizing Night Cream or, if my skin is feeling particularly parched, Josie Maran Argan Oil
  3. Waterpik + Tom's Whole Care with Fluoride + Smith's Lip Balm in Minted Rose
I know the Waterpik isn't a skincare product but healthy looking teeth go hand-in-hand with great looking skin.  And the nightly Waterpik use has transformed my gums.  Just ask my dentist.  There is one thing, though, that I recently removed (again!) from my nightly beauty routine that I sorely miss already.  I wrote about my love for glycolic acid cream combined with retin-a before but have stopped using retin-a for now because of, you know, that whole teratogenic problem.  But I'll add it back just as soon as I can as it truly is a skin miracle-worker.
How about you?  What is your favorite beauty product?   


  1. Wow! You are so good about taking care of your skin. I'm the worst with a capital W!!! I only wash my face in the shower, forget to take off my make-up most nights, and I've never used a waterpik. Lately I've been buying make-up remover cloths that I've been trying to use nightly. It's not the same as washing my face, but it's something & hopefully better than nothing.

    1. That's why I wrote MOST nights... I'd say I make it through that entire routine 5 nights out of the week. But last night?! Nope. A quick teeth brushing and a splash of water on my face was all I could muster.

      Hope you're well! XO.

  2. I recently added the daily usage of the water pik, recommended by my dentist.

    I loved getting all of your free samples when you worked for Estee Lauder. I hate to pay full price for it now.

    You are one smart cookie, and beautiful too. xo

  3. My favourite beauty product is Keihl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. The blend of essential oils smells so good & it's so good for skin hydration.
    I love these beauty posts, I may have to share one too x


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